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  1. Contact form added acceptace of Privacy and Policy

    Contact form added acceptace of Privacy and Policy

    - GDPR compliance
    - Add another layer of SPAM protection
    - No core modification
    - Easy to install and uninstall
    - Full documentation

    *Made compatible with Mijoshop and Jcart

  2. Customer Dashboard transformation added with Icons

    Customer Dashboard transformation added with Icons

    - New look transformation on customers dashboard
    - Easy to navigate from users
    - No core file change
    - Easy to install and uninstall
    - Mobile user advantage
    - Full documentation
    - Made compatible with Mijoshop and Jcart

    How to test in live demo? Simply create a new account in the demo link on the rigth side

  3. MyRealPin

    MyRealPin provides an instagram / pinterest like pinboard experience to your website, allowing you to power your own community or social network by:

    ✔ Collaboratively creating and sharing content
    ✔ Embedding into your website and community
    ✔ Supports Engagement (Likes and Comments)
    ✔ Supports custom styles including badges, allowing you to adopt it to your website
    ✔ Emphasizing external content, supporting most common services in the web and enabling external links
    ✔ Sorting and ordering flexibly in your way
    ✔ Supports drafting content and setting an expiration date

    Note: Requires a single account on for administration.

    - notice board / bulletin board / pinboard
    - news feed
    - creative space
    - create collections
    - discover and share

  4. NextGame for FootballManager

    Go a step forward
    The FootballManager NextGame Module for Joomla extends your site with a countdown timer that shows the remaining time until the next game. In addition, the live features (after the countdown) offer live stats and an optional content area for your live broadcast*.

    Surprise your visitors with this module. Designed as a unique eye-catcher, all relevant information about the next game fully automatic. Once set up, the module works completely autonomously and shows your visitors a countdown to the next game. When the kickoff has occurred, the module can also be used to display further details about the game.

    Integrated Live Features

    After the kickoff, the real action starts. The module supports our live features. That means the module shows the current score (AJAX integration no reload of the page necessary!) when you enter it. In addition, we offer you a section in which you can freely display additional content during the game. This can be a livestream window or further text information or a liveticker... All possibilities are open to you.

    Use our NextGame for FootballManager Module in combination with our GameMaster Module to get the maximum out of it!

    *Boradcast / Liveticket solution is not included in this module and can be done for example by an iFrame embed or our free nx-YoutubeBox Module.

  5. Games for FootballManager

    The FootballManager Games Module generates a list view of all played, still to be played or all games of a season, season phase or league based on the entered games in the FootballManager Component and the module settings. The filters can be combined freely in the module settings.

    You have a large number of customization options to adapt the look and feel of the module to your site/design. In addition, the "Simple Table" layout allows you to freely arrange the columns to be displayed, such as home team, away team, kickoff, score, and more. (11 available content types) freely arrange with our builder.

    Currently there are three different layout options available. The Standard Layout, the Darkglass Layout (StandardLayout inverted) and the Simple Table Layout. Optionally, you can display further game information via modal for all three. If this option is activated, a click on one of the games opens the corresponding modal with the additional information.
    Like the our other FootballManager modules, the Games module relies on the integration of UIkit 3, which can either be paid for through the template (the module will then adapt your template styles) or you can use the version of the UIkit 3 framework that comes with the FootballManger component.

    Modal Solution included

    This module comes with an included modal view. This means that additional information on the respective game is only a click away.

    Available information within the modal

    All settings are optional. The modal adapts its appearance according to your configuration.

    • Customfield integration
    • Sponsor Support
    • Headerimage by Game / Location
    • Show Score (past games)
    • Logo Background (Header)
    • Show Countdown (upcoming games)
    • Configure Countdown Layout (Colors / Size)
    • TicketLink
    • Event Description
    • Location Description
    • Detailsbox
    • Flyer / Flyer Lightbox
    • Team Link
    • Show Officials for game
    • Show Game Rosters
    • Show Player Positions (optional learn more link)

    The module accesses the stored data in the Football Manager component for the respective information. The complete administration for sponsors / player positions and others is possible via the component.